Oberon Color Replacer for CorelDRAW/Corel DESIGNER

This macro allows you replace one color with another quickly. Unlike the CorelDRAW's or Corel DESIGNER's Search And Replace Wizard, Oberon Color Replacer can change colors in both fills and outlines in a single shot.

The macro also can preserve tints of spot colors, so you can replace all PANTONE Reds with PANTONE Yellows, even if the red color was tinted on some objects. The resulting yellow color will have the same tint. Even when you replace spot colors with process colors with "Preserve tints" enabled, the resulting process color will be blended with white proportionally to the spot color's tint.

If Preserve Tints checkbox is left unchecked, then only exactly matching colors are looked for (including the exact tint values as specified).

Portions of the macro is courtesy wOxxOm.

Download Oberon Color Replacer for CorelDRAW 10/11/12/X3/X4:

Download Oberon Color Replacer for Corel DESIGNER 10/12:

See installation instructions.

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