Oberon Function Plotter Tutorial

Many designs in architecture and art are inspired by geometry. There are many examples of this such as the Encounter! restaurant at the Los Angeles International Airport utilizing multiple parabola-shaped arches, the superellipse shape used in the design of Sergels Torg (Sergels' square) in Stockholm as well as in many everyday items such as furniture. Minimal surfaces used in the Olympic Stadium in Munich and pieces of spheres used in the Opera House of Sydney, one of the great landmarks of the world. A Catenary curve is used in the Gateway Arch in Saint Louis.

If you are also fascinated by precise geometric shapes and would like to use them in your designs, Oberon Function Plotter will definitely help you at this. It will also come in handy for students, scientists or just anybody interested in mathematics to create precise, clean, and appealing function graphs.

Here are a few simple lessons that will take you through the steps of creating various geometric shapes with Oberon Function Plotter.

  1. Drawing a parabola
  2. Superellipse
  3. Drawing several functions on the same plot

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