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Here you can find sample projects created with Oberon Function Plotter. You can download the project files (*.fpp) for each sample to open in Oberon Function Plotter and experiment with it.

Most images and project files are courtesy Erik Vestergaard.

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A Sine Wave
sine_wave.fpp (0.8 KB)
Damped Oscillations
damped_oscillations.fpp (1.0 KB)
Wave Packets
wavepackets.fpp (1.3 KB)
Gaussian Probability Density Function
gauss_density.fpp (0.9 KB)
Gaussian Probability Distribution Function
gauss_distribution.fpp (0.9 KB)
The Cornu Spiral
cornu_spiral.fpp (0.9 KB)
Catenary (Chain Curve)
catenary.fpp (0.8 KB)
Lissajous Curve
lissajous.fpp (0.8 KB)

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