Jigsaw Puzzle Creator for CorelDRAW

Jigsaw Puzzle Creator has very easy interface with few controls yet it allows to produce a variety of professional-looking jigsaw puzzle designs.

The main dialog of the program contains the following controls:

Puzzle Size

Allows you to choose the number of puzzle pieces in the puzzle. When the program is launched, a set of predefined layouts is calculated based on the dimensions of the selected objects. The scrollbar allows you to choose between the best layout options.

You can also specify an arbitrary puzzle size of up to (50 x 50). Just click on the Custom Size button next to the scroll bar: and the Custom Puzzle size dialog will appear where you can independently specify the number of pieces horizontally and vertically:


Chaos controls the randomness of the pieces. There are 10 levels of chaos ranging from "calm" to "hurricane":

Level 1 (Calm)   Level 6 (Strong wind)   Level 10 (Hurricane)


This parameter determines how the horizontal and vertical piece cut-outs are arranged. The following options are available:

  • Uniform

  • Symmetric Alternating

  • Opposite Alternating

  • Random

In Uniform arrangement, all horizontal and vertical cut-outs are facing the same direction. In the two Alternating modes each cut-out's orientating changes regularly between left/right for vertical and up/down for horizontal. Symmetric mode means that the vertical and horizontal cut-outs of the same piece face in the same direction while in Opposite mode they face in opposite directions.

Finally, in Random mode, each cut-out's orientation is random:

Unifrom   Symmetric Alternating   Opposite Alternating   Random

The two checkboxes - Flip Horizontal and Flip Vertical - allow to change the orientation of all horizontal and/or vertical cut-outs to the opposite.

Preview Object(s)

This checkbox allows to show the actual selected object(s) as the background for the puzzle. When it is unchecked (the default state), the puzzle is drawn on the while background for better contrast.

Create Puzzle Pieces/Cutting edges

The two main modes of the program which allow to create either a set of closed curves, one for each puzzle piece, or horizontal and vertical curves dividing the pieces. The former can be used as powerclip containers to place the puzzle background image into while the latter can be used as a template for cutting knife design for production of paper or wooden puzzles.

Place Object(s) Inside Puzzle

When "Create Puzzle Pieces" is selected, this checkbox allows you to place the previously selected objects/image inside the puzzle. The result will be a powerclip container group. If you ungroup it, you can drag each puzzle piece independently and each piece will contain a corresponding portion of the whole picture.


When the Chaos setting is set to anything other than "calm" and/or when Alternation is set to "random", this button allows to try another random puzzle design.

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