Oberon Fit Objects To Path for CorelDRAW/Corel DESIGNER

Oberon Fit Objects To Path is an add-on for CorelDRAW and Corel DESIGNER which allows you to arrange selected shapes along any curve path. This feature is somewhat similar to CorelDRAW's blend-on-path however it doesn't generate any objects as the blend does. Instead, the user selects several objects and they will be arranged along the selected path evenly.

There are several modes of how the objects are spaced on the path explained below.


To fit objects to a path, just select all the objects in the order you want them to appear on the path and then select the curve to fit the objects to. The curve must be selected last!

Note that in CorelDRAW 11, objects can be fitted not only to a curve but also to simple shapes such as rectangles, ellipses, polygons, etc. In CorelDRAW 10, though, only curve shape can be used as a target.

After launching the macro, you will see the following dialog box:

Select appropriate options and click Apply. The objects will be spaced evenly on the curve.

There are two different distribution modes: By Centers and By Spacing.

When distributing the objects by center positions, the objects are placed on the curve so that the object's centers are spaced equally:

Distributing objects by spacing places the objects so that the distance between object edges is equal:

The objects fitted to a curve can be placed and rotated along the curve simultaneously. When Rotate objects with curve is checked, the objects are automatically rotated according to the direction of the curve as in the above illustrations. When the checkbox is cleared, the object orientation doesn't change:

When the target curve has several subpaths, it can be treated as if each subpath were individual curves:

If Treat Subpaths As is set to Parts Of Continuous Curve, then objects are placed on the subpaths as if they were all connected to each other:

It is convenient to use Oberon Selection Manager with this program to save the selection and restore it later in case you want to modify the curve and then re-fit the objects to it.

System Requirements

Fit Objects To Path for CorelDRAW 11/12/X3/X4/X5/X6/X7 and Corel DESIGNER 10/12:

A retail version of CorelDRAW or Corel DESIGNER is required.

You must ensure that Visual Basic for Applications is installed.


Download Oberon Fit Objects To Path for the appropriate version of CorelDRAW/DESIGNER by following one of the links below:

Application Version Download File Size
CorelDRAW X6-X7 FitObjectsSetup.exe 633K
X5 FitObjs15.zip 258K
X4 FitObjs14.zip 192K
X3 FitObjs13.zip 236K
12 FitObjs12.zip 349K
11 FitObjs11.zip 150K
10 FitObjs10.zip 151K
Corel DESIGNER 12 FitObjs12d.zip 373K
10 FitObjs10d.zip 150K

If you don't want to use the supplied Fit Objects To Path workspace but instead you would like to add the macro buttons to your existing workspace manually, then you can download the toolbar button icons to make it easier for you:


Run the setup program and it will install all the files for you automatically. Make sure that you have VBA installed beforehand. Follow this link for additional installation instructions.

Launching Fit Objects To Path

To launch the program, start CorelDRAW first. Show the FitObjects toolbar in CorelDRAW workspace:

You can launch the macros by just clicking the toolbar button.

If you didn't activate the workspace during installation, you still can use Oberon Fit Objects To Path by going to Tools>Visual Basic>Play... menu to bring up the VBA Macros dialog:

Select "FitObjectsToPath (FitObjects.gms)" item from Macros in list and start the corresponding macro by selecting it in Macro name list and clicking Run button.


Oberon Fit Objects To Path is a shareware product. It is fully functional in the downloaded version however it has an evaluation period of 7 days. You must register the program to continue using it. The registration fee is US$4.95.

Register the software online:


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