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Fillet command traditionally is used to cuts off the cusp corners of a curve and replace them with circular arcs of a given radius, thus making the cusp corners round.

CurveWorks offers 5 different fillet modes:

  • Fillet
  • Fillet Line
  • Inverse Fillet
  • Scallop
  • Scallop Line

All of the above modes result in cutting off a cusp corner using a circular arc or a straight line but the placement of the arc/line is different. See below for explanation.

When Fillet command is issues, a dialog box is shown prompting for the fillet radius to use:

All the selected curves are processed. You can also use the Shape tool to select individual nodes of the curve and CurveWorks will trim those corners only.

Note that cusps only are trimmed. Smooth and Symmetrical nodes are ignored.

To illustrate the difference between various fillet modes, let's see what they produce when applied to the same sample corner:

Original Fillet
Fillet Line Inverse Fillet
Scallop Scallop Line

This commands can be applied to both line and curve segments.

Both Fillet Line and Scallop Line modes produce results similar to Chamfer except that the line placement differs.

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