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Legacy Calendar Wizard Downloads

Download a free trial versions of Oberon Calendar Wizard 4.1 for legacy versions of CorelDRAW and Corel DESIGNER. For current versions support (CorelDRAW X6 and later), please click here.

 The ZIP archives provided includes a self-installing setup packages.

The application is fully functional during its 7 day try-out period. After the trial expires, you must register the application to continue using it.

Download Calendar Wizard 4.1 for the appropriate version of CorelDRAW/DESIGNER by following one of the links below:

Application Version Download File Size
CorelDRAW X5 884K
X4 873K
X3 856K
12 968K
11 770K
10 794K
Corel DESIGNER 12 989K
10 767K

When installing the application, the setup program will ask if you want to activate the Calendar Wizard custom workspace in CorelDRAW. If you choose Yes, then a default CorelDRAW workspace will be installed which will have an extra toolbar with two buttons on it:

Note that if you customized your existing workspace, it will be replaced with the Calendar Wizard's workspace (you can however revert to your workspace by using CorelDRAW's workspace manager).

If you choose not to activate Calendar Wizard's workspace, you still can add the macro buttons to your existing toolbars. Please consult your CorelDRAW online help or manual on adding macro buttons to toolbars.

You can download the following icon images which can be used on the macro buttons of Calendar Wizard:

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