Image Converter script

Use Image Converter script to convert series of images stored in a folder to another file format. You can also resample images to make them of specified width and/or height. If you check either Width or Height box and enter the corresponding value, then the image will be resized proportionally, keeping the aspect ratio.

To specify the files to convert, just enter the file name pattern (using ? and * wildcard characters) in the Source file mask field and the destination folder name in Destination folder field. For example, c:\images\*.jpg will convert all JPG files in folder C:\IMAGES.

The script changes the file name extension to correspond the chosen file type.

You can use this script to generate small GIF previews for a collection of JPEGs or just convert a set of TIF files to GIF or JPEG or anything else. Just note, that when converting to GIF, the image is converted to 256-color paletted type (using Optimized palette) if the source is RGB, CMYK, or Lab.

Screenshot of the Image Converter script main dialog:

imgconvertsh.gif (4813 bytes)

Download Image Converter script for CorelPHOTO-PAINT 8:

Photo-Paint 9 version of this script is available here.

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