Animate Effect script

Use Animate Effect script to create a movie from the current image and apply varying effects to each new movie frame. You specify the law under which some of effect parameters must vary from frame to frame and the script will apply the effect to each frame depending on the entered values.

To specify the variation of parameters you can use arithmetic expressions using the following components:

Numeric constants
Any number like 2, 6.9, -76.67. You can also use PI for 3.1415926... and E for 2.7182818...
One of the following operators:
+ (addition), - (subtraction), * (multiplication), / (division), ^ (power)
Use N keyword to represent the current movie frame being processed.
One of the following functions:
SIN - Sine
COS - Cosine
TAN - Tangent
SQR - Square root
LOG - base-10 logarithm
LN - natural logarithm
EXP - exponent (e raised to the given power)
Use parentheses to control function evaluation order

For example, 5*(N-1) will evaluate to 0 for the first frame, 5 for the second, 10 for the third and so on.

Screenshot of the Animate Effect script main dialog:

Below there are some of examples:

Effect and parameters Resulting movie
Effect: Page Curl
Corner: Bottom-right
Direction: Vertical
Width: 20*N
Height: 100
Opaque: ON
Curl Color: Gray
Background: White
Frames: 5
effect1.gif (7390 bytes)
Effect: Lens Flare
X Center: 0.5+0.3*SIN(PI*N/4)
Y Center: 0.5+0.3*COS(PI*N/5)
Brightness: 100
Lens Type: 50-300 mm zoom
Color: White
Frames: 10
effect2.gif (16062 bytes)
Effect: Gaussian Blur
Radius: 2*N
Frames: 5
effect3.gif (5343 bytes)
Effect: Glass
Angle: 45
Bevel Width: 10
Brightness: 65
Direction: 36*N
Drop off: Flat
Opacity: 50
Refraction: 70
Sharpness: 50
Smoothness: 30
Color: Red
Frames: 10
effect4.gif (7256 bytes)
Effect: Zig Zag
Waves: N
Strength: 100
Damping: 80
Type: Out from center
X Center: 0
Y Center: 0
Frames: 7
effect5.gif (8397 bytes)
Effect: Pinch/Punch
Level: 100*SIN(PI*N/5)
X Center: 0
Y Center: 0
Frames: 10
effect6.gif (14807 bytes)

Download Animate Effect script for CorelPHOTO-PAINT 8:

Photo-Paint 9 version of this script is available here.

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