Orbit Scripts by Alex Link

These scripts were written for Photo-Paint 9 and are meant to be run on a blank white 24-bit RGB background of 1200 by 1200 pixels at 300 dpi.  Some of the scripts require small circle files to be installed in the user's default Windows temp directory.  All input boxes accept whole positive numbers unless otherwise indicated.

Visit this page to read how to set up the scripts.

Line Design Scripts
- lace generating script with controls
ORB1C - orbit the chosen number of concentric circle motifs
POLYL - produces intriguing designs of rotated polygons
POLYX - produces a polygon of the chosen number of sides
SUBFLOWER - orbits shrinking circles into a spidery design
SUBRING - another concentric circle design generator
ORB0 - produces bolded orbit designs

Differenced Color Scripts
- dazzling differenced color designer with controls
LACY2 - color difference designer with different color scheme
POLYCR - intricate color designs from polygons
POLYORBX2 - step-size selectable polygon color designs
SPIROTOY - spoked color designs with new controls
SUBFLOWERF - beautiful mandela designs!
SUBRINGF - lovely floral designs in color differencing!
SUBRINGX - color designs using the rose curve
SUBRINGX2 - a rose curve and fountain fill design effect

Pause/Action Scripts
- a pause/action concentric polygon line designer
NESTED2C - as above but with color difference mode
ORB1 - watch spiraling circles being drawn
NESTED2CN - pause/action inscribed polygon color designer
ORB3 - watch the red and blue spiraling disks being drawn

Spin Scripts
ASPINXOR - an awesome XOR mask spinner script!
SPINFILL9 - transparency designs from a spun mask
OSPINDIFF - marvelous object spinner script!
OSPININ - creates inlaid designs from spun objects!
ORBITER9B - makes an XOR mask from spun circles

Alex Link, 2000
Note: scripts, text and graphics by the author. If you want to contact the author of these scripts, send a message to Alex Link.

I would like to thank Alex Link for providing these scripts to you. Try them and don't forget to send your feedback. Hope you like this resource. Enjoy, learn and create!!!

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