Scripts by Alex Link

This collection of EFFECTS scripts was created in Corel Photo-Paint 9 and is intended for 24-bit RGB color images.  Click a script name below for detailed instructions, a sample of the output and to download the script.

  • Bas-relief - A bas-relief effect in soft yellows and grayed darks as in the penny above left.
  • Blue - Produces a lively blue (or brown) monochrome from the current image.
  • Richmon - A saturation map enhance monochrome effect.
  • Bump - A two color layer bas-relief effect. (I like this one!)
  • Watercolor - Creates a watercolor effect in a realistic style.
  • Paint - Oil paint... watch out it's wet!
  • Charcoal - Ink wash and charcoal drawing effect.
  • Isoline - This script products an isobar mapping of "tone elevations".
  • Cut_out - Creates tools that simplify the making of cut-out effects.
  • Liquid - Another set of tools for producing wet liquid effects.

Each of these scripts represents moments of delightful surprise and countless hours of play.  Scripting offers precision control over the awesome tools in Corel Photo-Paint.  Mixing in a little imagination with this program's power and scope results in practically limitless potential.  If you can imagine it, Photo-Paint can do it.

Alex Link, 2000
Note: scripts, text and graphics by the author. If you want to contact the author of these scripts, send a message to Alex Link.

I would like to thank Alex Link for providing these scripts to you. Try them and don't forget to send your feedback. Hope you like this resource. Enjoy, learn and create!!!

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