Oberon Script Gallery 2 for CorelDRAW 7

Update for CorelDRAW 7 Rev B
New version for CorelDRAW 8
Enframer 2.2 for CorelDRAW 8.369/433

Oberon Script Gallery 2 is a script set for CorelDRAW 7 illustration program. It contains five excellent scripts that add some very useful features not yet implemented in CorelDRAW. These include:

Oberon CropMarks Script – draws cropmarks around the selected object(s). You can also draw color registration marks of 5 types, color calibration bar and densitometer scale. This is very useful if you want to place several objects on a single page, each object with its own cropmarks and other prepress information.
Oberon Instant Object Creator – allows you to create three types of CorelDRAW basic objects (rectangle, ellipse and symmetrical polygon) with predefined dimensions. This is useful because CorelDRAW stores original object size and transformations performed upon the object. So, if you create a rectangle then double its width and make its corners round, the corners will be distorted. But if you draw the rectangle at the demanded dimensions the first time, everything will be fine.
Oberon Enframer – a powerful script that draws frames around selected object(s). You can choose among the variety of single, double and triple frames, or create your own containing up to 8 lines with arbitrary spacing. You can use 4 different artistic frames that will add attractiveness to your artwork.
Oberon Spacing Control – distributes objects at specified distance from each other. You can specify a distance between objects or their edges/centers.
Oberon Reflector – mirrors objects against a guideline used as the reflection axis. The axis may be slanted.

Installation Notes

To install scripts, create a folder in CorelPath\Draw\scripts folder and name it, say, Oberon. Here CorelPath stands for the path to the folder where CorelDRAW 7 is installed. By default it is set up into C:\COREL\DRAW70. Copy all files from the archive to that folder. Read readme.doc for more instructions.

Note! The archive Scr_gal2.zip is created with WinZip and contains long file names. It should be unpacked with this archiver or any other supporting LFN. The archive also has a folder structure - some files should be placed in Frames subfolder of Oberon folder. So, when extracting files make sure Use directory names is checked.

If you do not have WinZip you can extract the archive contents with the conventional DOS PkUnzip. Use the fillosing DOS command to do this:

MD Oberon
CD Oberon
PKUNZIP Scr_gal2.zip -d

Make sure you have specified the -d switch. It allows to extract files retaining the archive's folder srtucture. The path in CD command should be replaced with the real path to CorelDRAW suite on your system.

PKUNZIP (at least version 2.x) doesn't support long file names so you will have to correct some names. Go to Windows Explorer and rename files as follows:

object c.csc to Object Creator.csc
object c.bmp to Object Creator.bmp

Please, read the Readme.doc file before installing.

To download Oberon Script Gallery 2 click here.

Attention! If you are using CorelDRAW 7 Revision B (build 466 or later) you should patch the gallery.

Download the main Gallery 2 archive following the above link, then download the update. Unpack Scr_gal2.zip as described above then unpack Gal2upd.zip overwriting older files from the previous archive. Follow the instructions above to install the scripts properly.

Oberon Script Gallery 2.1/2.2 for CorelDRAW 8 is now available!

Oberon Script Gallery 2.1 is an updated version of Oberon Script Gallery 2. It contains four useful scripts including:

Oberon Reflector included in Gallery 2 is no longer in Gallery 2.1 because CorelDRAW 8 has the mirror tool that covers this functionality.

Oberon Script Gallery 2.1 is distributed as self-extracting archive SCRGAL21.EXE (97K). After you click on the link below, choose "Save the file on disk". Then create a folder within \Corel\Draw8\Draw\Scripts and name it "Oberon", copy the archive to it and run. After the content extracts, delete the original EXE file.

Download it now!

Please, read the ReadMe.doc file before using the Gallery.

If you have any questions or have some brilliant ideas about new scripts to implement, send them to me immediately!!!

Attention! If you are using CorelDRAW 8.369 or later, you need to download an updated Oberon Enframer script for it to work properly with the new build of CorelDRAW.

Download the main Gallery 2.1 archive following the above link, then download the update. Install ScrGal21.exe as described above then unpack Enframer22.zip overwriting older files from the previous archive..

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