Oberon Script Gallery 1 for CorelDRAW 6

Oberon Script Gallery is a set of CorelDRAW scripts intended to complement CorelDRAW's creativity.
Version 1.0 contains the following scripts:

Calendar Wizard.
Calendar Wizard is a script that can automatically generate calendar layouts for specified date. When run it shows a dialog box containing basic characteristics of the calendar to be generated.

ColorConvert Wizard.
ColorConvert Wizard allows you to change objects' fill and outline color model to CMYK. It is especially useful when converting imported or pasted graphics from other applications that do not support CMYK colors. You select which color model should be converted to CMYK and ColorConvert Wizard looks through all the objects in a document. If it finds an object with fill or outline color model specified it converts color so that it becomes CMYK. Only RGB, HSB, HLS, CMY and CMYK255 color models are supported.

Find Object / Find Next Object / Select Objects.
CorelDRAW has an internal utility to select objects by their properties. But it cannot select objects according to their color, outline width and style etc. These scripts can help solve the problem. First of all you should select (or create) a sample object. This is the object the scripts fetch attributes from. If you want to select all blue objects in your drawing create an object and fill it in with blue. Then with the object still selected run corresponding script. When a dialog box appears, choose which object attributes to compare and press OK.

Global Ungroup.
To ungroup all groups (and nested sub-groups) just run this script.

This script draws cropmarks around selected object(s) with registration color.

Installation Notes

To install Oberon Script Gallery 1 you should run Setup.csc script included in the archive. This script copies all needed files to the destination directory that is recommended to be <CorelPath>\draw where CorelPath is the path to CorelDRAW 6 Suite. For example, if CorelDRAW 6 is installed into C:\COREL then the scripts should be installed into C:\COREL\DRAW folder. Along with copying the files, Setup.csc modifies their source code to tie them to their location. This is necessary to allow scripts find their additional files such as data files and images.

An error installing the Gallery under Windows NT 4.0 was once reported. As I don't have this operating system I can't check it out whether or not this is true. If the setup process fails, try installing the Gallery manually. For this, copy all files from the distributive to DRAW subfolder.

Rename files as follows:

Old Name

New Name

Calendar.csc CalendarWizard.csc
ColorWiz.csc ColorConvert Wizard.csc
Find1Obj.csc Find Object.csc
FindNext.csc Find Next Object.csc
GUngroup.csc Global Ungroup.csc
SelectOb.csc Select Objects.csc
CropMark.csc No rename necessary

Note: you may want to rename the files before copying because CorelDRAW has calendar.csc script in Draw subfolder and it will be overwritten if you just copy the contents of Gallery archive to Draw subfolder. Just extract the archive to a temporary directory, rename files then copy them to the destination.

Modify the source code of each *.csc file as follows (for this purpose you can use any text editor with the only condition - the code should be saved as plain ASCII text. You may use Notepad for this). Find symbol '@' in the text and replace it with the following string:


where ScriptPath is the path to the current script, for example, C:\COREL\DRAW\. Make sure to include the trailing backslash in the path. Not all scripts need to know their location, therefore some scripts don't have '@' character and no replacement should be made for them.

Please, read the Readme.doc file before installing.

To download Oberon Script Gallery 1 click here.

Attention! If you are using CorelDRAW 6 build 162 or later you should patch the gallery.

Download the main Gallery 1 archive following the above link, then download the update. Unpack Scr_gal1.zip as described above then unpack Gal1upd.zip overwriting older files from the previous archive. Run Setup.csc.

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